September 23, 2018

Interactive Carnatic Music demonstration for teachers of underprivileged children by Ananth Vedagarbham, Managing Director with a leading IT MNC

Towards the endeavor to spread Ethical, Cultured, academic coaching to socially and economically under privileged children in Bangalore,  Abhyudaya partnered with Vidwan Ananth Vedagarbham, a renowned flautist with over 300 performances across India and US, to lead a unique and interactive Carnatic Music demonstration and concert on 23rd September, to orient 100 teachers of underprivileged children, to the rich history and tradition of Indian classical music, its basic ragas, talas and Instruments used in concert. Ananth, a Managing Director with a leading IT MNC and his family are also volunteers of Abhyudaya. Sri Ananth was accompanied in music demonstration and concert by renowned musicians and vidwans Sri JK Sridhar on Violin, Sri Dr C Cheluvaraj on Mridangam and Sri Gurumurthy on the Ghatam.


The objective of the class was to ‘train the teacher’ mode so that the teachers of 80 locations could in turn impart this knowledge to their students. The teachers, although exposed to various talas for the first time, enthusiastically followed the whole performance while keeping pace with the beats and Talas.


Given the outstanding success of this session and response from teachers, Abhyudaya and Vidwan Ananth plans to repeat these classes on an ongoing basis to ensure music becomes a routine learning increasing the knowledge for these teachers, and in turn gets imparted to the 3500+ students.


In addition Abhyudaya conducts medical tests to these children and also arrange visit to various places. Career counselling and children/parent counselling is done periodically All the funding of Abhyudaya is through donations from individuals and philanthropists


Abhyudaya is a noble project taken by well meaning philanthropists to provide Ethical, Cultured, academic coaching to socially and economically under privileged children in Bangalore. Currently Abhyudaya is catering to around 3500 children at 80 different locations in Bangalore. Exclusivity of Abhyudaya are many. To list a few  they provide after school coaching from class 4 to class 10, emphasis on cultural and ethical education, coaching locations are in and around children houses, most of the teachers are volunteers and needless to say it is totally free of cost. One of the main objectives is to make these children good citizens and ensure they realize their potential. Abhyudaya tries to eliminate the extreme disadvantage the children of maids, laborers, and poor people have through inferiority complex, societal acceptance and their family and surrounding atmosphere. Abhyudaya also through monetary help ensures that bright children never drop out of schools due to monetary reasons


Through statistics Abhyudaya has found resounding success in its efforts over the past decade and more. Many children are studying Medical, Engineering and graduate /post graduate courses. Abhyudaya is also mentored by 25 senior members who have experience in various fields

Carnatic Music demo by Vid. Vedagarbham