ABHYUDAYA is engaged in various social welfare activities in the field of education and health.
Abhyudaya’s key activities include –

  • After-School-Support to Primary and High school children through Kalika Kendras (Free Learning Centres – FLC)
  • Special coaching to SSLC (X Grade students) through Jnanagiri
  • Financial support to deserving students at all levels through Vidyanidhi
  • Other Social reach-out programs from Abhyudaya include: Chetana, Namma Shaale, Aarohana, Rudhira and Parivartana

KALIKA KENDRA (Free Learning Center – FLC)

Free Children Education

Abhyudaya is currently reaching out to about 2,000 socially deprived children through more than 100+ Kalika Kendras (Free Learning Center – FLCs) spread around Bengaluru. The Activities at these FLCs in the respective localities are overseen by 135 local teachers and about 25 mentors.
Primary and High school children, majority of whom are from Government schools are engaged for two hours daily at these FLCs after school hours with a view to keep them off the streets. During these hours, the teachers help the children with their homework assignments and aid them to attain the expected academic level for their respective grades. Periodic assignments are done for the kids and their progress is discussed with their respective school teachers and parents.
In addition to the academic activities, children are encouraged / coached to participate in quiz competitions, sports and cultural activities. Counseling sessions are held on personal hygiene and community health for children as well as their parents. Periodic workshops are held to inculcate values, ethics and social responsibilities. Educational and recreational tours are also conducted.
The teachers from tehse FLCs are regularly upgraded in terms of course content, teaching methodologies and interpersonal skills through monthly workshops. Periodic assessments are conducted to evaluate teachers’ progress as well.


Free Tuition to Economically backward students

This is an initiative started in 2014 to conduct Free Coaching classes for Grade X (SSLC) students from economically backward sections.

Activities include Personality Development and Career Counseling sessions over the weekends. Each year, more than 250 students are benefiting from this program, some of whom have progressed to professional studies. A handful of these students have become resource persopns for the ongoing Jnanagiri activities.

Jun-Oct Foundation course to cover basics
Nov-Feb Crash course by Expert teachers
Feb-Apr Additional Exam support
May-Jun Supplementary Exam Support

Financial support to econimically weaker families


Vidyanidhi is our endeavour to provide financial support to academically bright children from low-income families who would otherwise be forced to drop out of school due to economic constraints. Vidyanidhi is disbursed once a year to cover the costs of school fees, conveyance, uniforms and stationery.

Applications are invited from Kalika Kendras, selected schools and colleges of Bengaluru. The selection process is methodical and applicants are verified by a team of volunteers before shortlisting them for final selection.


Free teaching to School drop outsChetana
One to One coaching to Dropouts

adopting rural schools, reaching the socially deprived childrenNamma Shaale
Adoption of rural schools to provide basic infrastructure

Offsite Annual Scientific and Cultural competitions

Free medical assistance, reaching socially deprived childrenRudhira
Blood donation and medical camps

Transforming sociopaths, drug addicts and alocoholic personParivarthana
Transforming lives of criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics etc

Internship and Volunteering programs for College Students