Abhyudaya Students Support Flood Relief donation drive

The Recent floods in Kodagu and Kerala brought many people across the country together. It is common to see that during distress people unite and help each others. But if people who are themselves in distress help others who are in more distress than themselves, then it should be appreciated. Such an act recently happened at Abhyudaya Bangalore a free learning centres for the deprived children from slum areas.  Children from 83 centres of Abhyudaya free learning centres collected Rs sixty seven thousand from their neighbourhoods for the flood relief. They collected the amount at the same place where they lived. Small vegetable vendors, small petty shops, small workshops who are the acquaintance of these children contributed small amount from one to ten rupees.  More than the amount collected by the children their door to door campaign created lot of awareness among the masses. Many adults got inspired by this act of the children.  This is also a lesson for leaders and government not to depend on foreign aid. India is a very big country, contribution from every individual can fund any big problems. Helping each other will unite people and in turn boost national integration. Children carried out placards with them with slogans on flood relief for Kerala and Kodagu.  More than ten thousand houses contributed for the relief fund. Abhyudaya has more than 83 free learning centres in Bangalore located mostly in lower income group settlements. Each centre has a volunteer teacher who is a college going student from the same neighbourhood and coming from a lower income background.

Most of the children come from very poor background. Their parents are working as labourers in unorganised sectors earning very small amount. Mothers usually work as house maids. But parents did not deny contribution when their children raised funds for flood relief. Some of them who contributed for the funds were road side flower vendors, fruit vendors, hawkers, small tailors.

Weavers colony free learning centre collected Rs 4217, here very small weavers live. Madivala area children collected Rs 2048 here many migrants from neighbouring state live. Jnanagiri free learning centre collected Rs 18000. Ganapathipura is again an area where lower income people stay children here collected Rs 4440, Hongasandra children collected Rs 2000, Vader machana halli children collected Rs 1129, Vinobha nagar children collected Rs 5868, Tippasandra children collected Rs 2895. Harinagara children collected Rs 2215, a very backward area in bangalore south.Sarakki children collected Rs 5162, Puttenahalli children collected Rs 1175, Gollahalli children collected Rs 1857. All these areas are places where very low income people of Bangalore stay.

The flood relief fund collection drive was initiated and carried out in each centre by the volunteer students who are also the volunteer teachers in the centre. Many more people will get inspired to help others When people who are well to do come to know about this flood relief fund collection. India needs more such Abhyudaya where children are not only thought about subjects and moral values but are inspired to give back to the society.  Many big organisations came into being by small contributions by several people, hence even a small contribution makes big difference.  Bharat can be strong when people starting giving back more for the nation. Children’s at Abhyudaya Bangalore have set a great example by giving back to the other needy people inspite of themselves being in need of help. Every contribution to reconstruct the flood affected has an impact no mater how big or small it is. No Matter how big a calamity is, if all sections of society come together reconstruction will not be difficult.

Abhyudaya supports Flood Relief

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