This batch of Vidyanidhi was sponsored by Shri Varadanjaneya Swamy Temple Seva Trust, RBI Layout, J P Nagar. The beneficiaries included students from undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Science, Commerce, Education and Engineering . Sri Vasanth Bhat, Key donor and Sri Lakshminarayana , Chief Functionary of Abhyudaya addressed the beneficiaries and wished them well for their future. Office bearers of Shri Varadanjaneya Swamy Temple Seva Trust presented the Activity report for the year 2021-22 and upcoming plans for the year 2022-23.

The Vidyanidhi cheques were handed out by the dignitaries and the beneficiaries were encouraged to volunteer at Abhyudaya Free Learning Centers (FLC’s) or Government Schools in their respective areas.

The Committee members of the Temple Trust assured their continued support to Vidyanidhi and other service activities of Abhyudaya.

Vidyanidhi Batch 3 was held at Sri Varadanjaneya Swami Temple on 14th Aug 2022