Volunteers of Shri Kannika Parameshwari Temple Trust, V V Puram and Abhyudaya conducted various activities including reciting Bhajans, Quiz, Indoor/ Outdoor Games and recitation of Patriotic songs for under privileged at the temple premises. The Trust arranged for breakfast and lunch for all the participants.

Special sessions included introduction to Kathak dance by Shri Lakshminarayana Jena , Vedic Mathematics by Smt Vasavi, Art and Craft by Smt Ashwini & Shwetha, introduction to Gou Sevaa by Smt Bharathi, Yoga by Kum. Sushmitha and Story telling by Smt Pannaga.

Such events were organised on all Sundays to engage students in extra curricular activities and encourage them to learn about our culture which are not a part of formal Education.

Student Activities by Abhyudaya at Shri Kannika Parameshwari Temple, V V Puram during December 2021
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