Abhyudaya distributed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) kits to Doddkallasandra Government School in Bangalore.

Each STEM component brings a valuable contribution to a well-rounded education. Science gives learners an in-depth understanding of the world around us. It helps them to become better at research and critical thinking. Technology prepares young people to work in an environment full of high-tech innovations. Engineering allows students to enhance problem-solving skills and apply knowledge in new projects. Mathematics enables people to analyze information, eliminate errors, and make conscious decisions when designing solutions. STEM education links these disciplines into a cohesive system.

Event was initiated by lighting lamps to seek the blessings of Goddess Shri Bhuvaneshwari Devi. Shri Suresh Nayak Head Master of Govt High School welcomed the dignitaries. Smt Kumari , Social science teacher addressed the gathering regarding Karnataka Raajyotsava, Prof. Vidyashankar, Advisory Board member of Abhyudaya, described the service activities of Abhyudaya and motivated the students to utilize the opportunities available at Abhyudaya. Kumari. Shwetha Bhat explained the importance of scientific knowledge and practical lab experience to achieve better career opportunities. Smt Rajashree Ganapathi Hedge gave the vote of thanks. The event included various cultural programs from Students.
The program was attended by Abhyudaya Chief Functionary, Shri Lakshminarayana and Advisor Prof. Vidyashankar, Abhyudaya digital lead, Shri Venugopal, Shri Bharath, Smt Anuradha Joshi, Smt Sowmya Keshav, Smt Anitha Kulkarni, Kum Shwetha Bhat, Shri Ajith Bhat, Shri Keshav prakash, Shri Harish, Smt Annapoorna from Abhyudaya along with the Head Master, Shri Suresh Nayak .P and teachers, Smt Kumari .C, Smt Kalavathi, Smt Rajashree Ganapathi Hedge and Students of the Govt School.

STEM kits distribution at Doddkallasandra Government High School on 1st November 2021
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