Date: 08-Dec-2018

Prof. Rakesh Katarey explains about Media as watchdog, courage for journalism to students at Abhyudaya free learning center

Prof. Rakesh Katarey, Dean of Dayananda Sagar college of Journalism and Mass communication interacted with students attending free coaching for SSLC and PUC exams at Abhyudaya Bangalore. He explained about opportunities for students who do BA in journalism, the opportunities exist in  Digital media, Cinema, TV broadcasting, Sports coverage, Business media, Advertising, New paper, periodicals. But finally he also told about the main role of media in society. 

Around 200 students were present.  Abhyudaya conducts 110 days free special coaching to reduce drop out rate among children from lower income groups. Daily classes are held for 2 hours and on weekends eminent personalities from the society are invited to interact with the children and explain about various career opportunities, share some knowledge about their field. Such interactions helps students with a wider outlook about the future career and opportunities.

Prof Rakesh Katarey  First started the session by asking how many children watch Movies most of them lifted their hand. Next he asked how many had the desire to make a movie many lifted their hands. Then he explained that if one wants to make a movie they have to become a director and to be a director they need to have knowledge of various aspects like camera, editing, script writing etc and  he said that many of these are thought in the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication degree programme.  One who takes up this degree has a very good opportunity to get into the film industry. He even gave examples of few of his students who have excelled well in the movies direction.

Dayananda Sagar university offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication degree programme.  he degree also help people who desire to get a job in TV news channels, TV entertainment channels, and in New paper industry.

He narrated an incident about one student who was studying and lost his father during the studies.   The student quit studies and got into a job due to family constraints. Prof Katarey persuaded the student not to quit the studies. Today that student has excelled in the film industry as a leading music director and singer.   Through this incident he wanted to convey the importance of formal college education.

Prof Katarey explained about television journalism. Student learn to shoot a picture, edit and quickly show to the viewers as part of TV journalism. How information is conveyed with pictures is a different are altogether. He then explained how in a cricket field there are 21 cameras and a switcher will have to shift between each camera to track the ball so that the audience see seamlessly. All this is done live. Difference between live and recorded programs was explained. He explained about how in a studio news readers read the news and live feeds from different places are added to it. All this can be learn in the degree course.

Prof Rakesh Katarey  explained about  sports broadcasting. The objective of live editing is to show the picture in an exciting manner without losing any information. Sports broadcasting involves several cameras and a switcher. He told that sports journalism and Business journalism are high paying sectors. He also explained the difference between live and recorded program.

Prof Rakesh Katarey  explained the importance of Digital media to the students. Using mobile photo and videos can be taken, edited, and uploaded. Now it  is an era about mobile news. All forms of media have now converged with advent of smart phones. TV, news paper, Cinema, entertained all are available in Mobile. Many youngsters prefer to watch everything on mobile. Even film broadcasting is digital to avoid piracy. He stressed the importance of learning Digital media to move with time. Very few colleges in the country have upgraded their syllabus in line with present day trend. Dayananda sagar is one of the first college to teach subject related to digital media in their course .

Prof Rakesh Katarey explained that Journalism has scope in TV, newspapers, periodical etc. One can become a reporter and report something in cities or villages. Its an exciting job gives opportunities to meet people and ask questions and that power a press has. A journalist can ask question even to a chief minister a question which they do not like to answer it needs lot of courage and we give this courage to the students. A new paper has page layout which involves location of news, width of headline, etc. How to write a story is told to the students.

Prof Rakesh Katarey explained that there are two types of jobs in any media industry, one is the technical job and the other is the content job. Technical involves processing of the content and Content involved creating or covering a subject.  Prof Katarey mentioned that news paper give daily updates, TV gives hourly updates and digital news gives instant updates. Prof Katarey gave insight into another industry where the course is helpful that is in advertising.  Advertising requires knowledge of graphics, voice and concept.

Prof Rakesh Katarey  explained the importance of Media in the country. It is a place where common man can go and tell its problem. Media is there only to reflect about the society and tell about the society to the government and see that government works for the people.  Media is between the government and the citizen. Media has a very important role in the society. We are living in Democracy and most important thing that makes us Indian is the Indian constitution. How a country is run constitutionally is to be monitored continuously by a watchdog which is the media. He asked the students at Abhyudaya free learning centre to get into Media and bring a change in the society.

Abhyudaya a social project in Bangalore has transformed the life of several poor children . Abhyudaya provide free tutions to 3600 children at more than 83 slum clusters and LIG areas of Bangalore, free special coaching to SSLC students, free special coaching to school dropouts, career guidance to economically weaker section children. Abhyudaya  supports poor children to join college by giving scholarship for 650 children per year.   Abhyudaya  is run by volunteers who are working in different sectors.

Program took place on 8-12-2018 at Abhyudaya Bangalore.

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Prof Rakesh Katarey explains Journalism to students at Abhyudaya Free Learning Center

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