As part of co-curricular activities, Abhyudaya students visited Sri Vidya Smart School. Shri Ganesh, Academic Director conducted the guided tour across the Smart Museum, Bio-Diversity Park and Science Park.

Smart Museum included various musical instruments , natural sea shells, precious stones, wooden dolls, and globe models.

Students observed varieties of plants like Rudraksh, Ashoka, etc. and statues of various species of endangered animals in bio-diversity park.

There were many hands-on opportunities at the Science Park with various models such as Newton’s disc, Pulley, different types of levers and simple hormonic motion.

Sri Ganesh took a session on time management and exam preparation at Mahan Anjanadri School.

The team had lunch at the residential school of Janaseva Vidya Kendra where Sri Nataraj explained the various projects including Veda Vijnana Gurukula and PARAM, the upcoming Mega Science Park.

Museum visit for SSLC students – 2nd Jan 2022