Abhyudaya held its Annual Retreat for all the Kalika Kendra (Free Learning Centers – FLCs), teachers and volunteers at the Pyramid Valley.

An overview of the Pyramid Valley and its Meditation related programs were presented by Smt Shalini Buddha. She also took a Meditation session which was appreciated by all the participants.

In the next session, the teachers and volunteers shared their motivation and learnings, while being associated with Abhyudaya.

In the post lunch session, the teachers shared their experiences in conducting the Aarohana (Annual Cultural events) events at the Cluster level. It was discussed to implement the feedback into the main Aarohana event in the coming years.

Shri Vadiraj recognized the importance of teachers’ contributions in reaching out to the underprivileged and expanding Abhyudaya’s Horizon.

Abhyudaya thanked the volunteers by handing out the Mementoes.

Abhyudaya thanks PSSM Management for providing the Wonderful Space and Sathvik Food for all the participants during the event.

Annual Volunteers Meet at Pyramid Valley on 20th March 2022
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