The world doesn’t change by our opinions,it does change by our actions!Pleasantly surprised when senior citizens of Kothanur got to know about our Republic Day Plog and for a while they out numbered the youngsters!Since we had 7 back to events in a span of 5 days didn’t expect much turnout today.. However I was proved wrong which is good !6.45 am 5-6 senior citizens came and they started calling their neighbor’s to join the plog …What better can happen on a Republic Day Plog ! Special mention to Abhyudaya – Reaching the Socially Deprived, a project of KKSS , Paneendra Kumar sir and his teammates!Within in a span of 1.15 hours around 10+ bags of trash was collected with more than 25 people joining us ! In the process awareness was created to the apartments nearby , fellow walkers and joggers to not litter!.. We also emphasized on #sustainablemenstruation with few of the women during the trash’versation!The citizen’s were prompt enough to arrange a vehicle from #BBMP for picking the trash bags!.We were able to sensitise people on citizen involvement for Swachh SurvekshanSwachh Bengaluru Those who haven’t done just take 2 minutes of your time and submit the feedback…here is the link… then felt super glad that friends from our running buddies planned a plog @ Indiranagar and I get to hear from buddies Gurleen Singh & Vinod Jacob that even that Plog made an impact !That’s not all..Was startled when one of the gentleman came and said he remembered seeing me about 6+ months back sipping a beverage in a stainless steel cup while the rest were using paper cups at a darshani … So yes #BYOC does wonders!And then we had #RepublicDay2021 celebration in our apartment and it was like icing on the vegan cake to see that there was no plastic deco anywhere as such…! We planned to make it disposables free ,Indeed it was .!Thanks to some surprise token of appreciation in the form of books and painting !Oh yes we had the #ploggerspledge too at each of the events !

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Abhyudaya with TheIndianplogman Plog Raja on Republic day 2021!!