11th November, 2018

Abhyudaya a project by Kesahava Kripa Samvardhana Samiti, Bengaluru inaugurated its 110 day free special SSLC coaching class today for students coming from lower income group. Chief guest of the program is Prof B Mahadevan Operations Management IIMB, Professor Mahadevan was a member of the Central Sanskrit Board, an advisory body to the Ministry of HRD, He is an expert in Bhagavad Gita & Management. He has written several articles on Ancient Indian Wisdom applied to present day problems. Prof. Mahadevan has initiated the Practical Vedanta group at IIM-B, through which he has taught several texts like Dakshinamurthy stotram, Bhagavadgita and Taittiriya Upanishad. Prof Mahadevan Academic Advisor of Vice Chancellor, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth.

Shri Prof B Mahadevan explained the meaning of real education. He quoted Vishnu puran where it is mentioned that the main aim of education is liberation. Now a days with more education people get good job, due to which they get high salaries. With increase in wealth people health problems. Hence in present system education is leading to bad health and mental illness. He mentioned that For every single opportunity their are 100 minimum aspirant as population is more in our country. India has highest competition compared to Australia or new Zealand. In Foreign countries for every post there many be 5 to 10 aspirants. Hence in our country it requires more effort in or country.

Shri PA Kumar social teacher talked about importance of modern education coupled with values of Gurukula system . He told that as the population is very high gurukula system alone cannot help. Instead we need modern education but with values on ancient system. Later Shri PA kumar started social science classes. Around 200 students and 200 elders were present. Program took Place at Jyothi kendriya vidyalaya Kanakapura road Bangalore on Nov 11 . Previous year SSLC performers were also honored.

Since 2014, Abhyudaya is conducting a free special coaching classes to SSLC (Xth Std) students.

This year more than 250 children from low income group have enrolled for the free coaching classes. Accouding to shfri Vidyashankar of Abhyudaya This classes will help these poor students to get prepared for SSLC board exam and manage to clear their exams with better score. This program also helps reduction in the dropout rate. Professional teachers from nearby schools render their service by teaching the students daily for two hours in the evening.

Bharat is a very big country, one Abhyudaya cannot change this whole country. But by spreading out positive news you do a great service, As many more people may get inspired by us and start similar free SSLC caching programs. Also lets increase the amount of positive news.

Abhyudya launches 2018 Free Coaching classes for SSLC Students