Priya Chennapatna, a brilliant student passed her Barchelor of Arts with distinction. She has positive energy, has a dream to continue education in Law and pursue career as a Lawyer. Her mother is a Pourakarmika in BBMP area, but her lower income was not supporting her daughter’s further education where education fees is expensive (Rs. 75,000 per year)

Abhyudaya came forward to fulfill the dream of Priya. Abhyudaya volunteers arranged the fund for Priya’s college admission in quickest time as part of Abhyudaya’s initiative Vidyanidhi, a Student Education Scholarship Program to underprivileged and deserved students.

Abhyudaya, a social project of Keshav Kripa Samvardhana Samiti (KKSS) is believes Education is a powerful tool which empowers communities to turn around their lives. Abhyudaya committed to provide free service to underprivileged students and ensure no student deprived from education.

Abhyudaya is working for socially deprived children since 2004 and has transformed the life of several poor children. Abhyudaya, Free Learning Centers has in more than 83 locations in lower income group areas.

Abhyudaya fulfills the dream of a Pourakarmika’s daughter to become Lawyer