Abhyudaya Advisory board member Dr S. Ragotham Sundararajan with Smt Smriti Zubin Irani, Union Minister for textile during a public program in Bengaluru.

Coincidentally Abhyudaya and weaving community has a unique relation from a long time

Abhyudaya has six free learning centers located in weavers colony of Bangalore, where 150 economically weaker section children from weavers community are studying. We are also supporting 10 students and many girl students from the community to study in college by providing scholarships. We have been providing children with stationery kits and girls with health kits.

As we were teaching the children we came to know many of their families had lungs infections and the cause was a chemical used in weaving. With help of experts we helped the weavers to use alternatives and better method of handling things. We also helped them by getting medical aid from certain agencies. Thus many of the families are now leading a healthy lives. We came to know all this due to our Free learning center child

We request you to visit Abhyudaya free learning centers located in Bangalore South @ http://abhyudaya.co.in/contact/

Abhyudaya Advisory board member with Union Minister for Textile

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